jces.webinars: childhood under the quarantine


jces.webinars: childhood under the quarantine

Dear Researchers,

Journal of Childhood, Education & Society is not only a journal in the field of early childhood education, but it is also a platform to advocate sharing knowledge with public equally. As having this role, it aims to fulfil the requirements of child nature during these extraordinary days.

With this approach, we are glad to inform you about the jces.webinar series starting in May with researchers from editorial board members.

JCES Webinars are themed as “Childhood under the Quarantine”, and upcoming Webinars will be about the relationship between children and pandemic process. Dr. Mehmet Mart and Dr. Mehmet Toran will be leading researchers for the webinar series as moderators. Webinars will be process with the cooperation of JCES and Istanbul Kultur University, and Istanbul Kultur University will be providing technical support for webinars.

Upcoming webinar details will be announced a while ago via journal's website and social media accounts. Please follow and check regularly either journal webpage or SM accounts. You are all welcome to join our webinar events as first come first sit based with the provided link to attend.

We are happy to invite all of you who are in children's ecology  for these free events.

JCES Editorial Board